"I know I'm not exactly what people expected of me... but that's why I have to rule." -Serenity Lunaria X

Serenity Estae Lunaria
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First June 30, 994
Second Unknown
Third Unknown
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Serenity Estae Lunaria X is the princess of the moon and daughter of Serenity Lunaria IX. She is the youngest of four children with an elder brother named Jericho Lunaria and twins named Orion and Amaranth Lunaria. She is the past life of Usagi Tsukino and the future life of Guardian Cosmos. She is portrayed by AnnaSophia Robb.


Early LifeEdit

Serenity was born as many queens before her had: through the Galaxy Cauldron. As the only one to be born from the Cauldron and not through traditional means, she was immediately chosen to be the next ruler of the moon and the Silver Millennium. She was forbidden from training with the senshi, instead having to take more lessons in ettiquite and politics. In a surprising turn of events, she blackmailed her brother, Jericho, into teaching her how to fight. Still, she remained close with the Inner Senshi, her best friends.


Parents: Queen Serenity Lunaria

Siblings: Jericho, Orion, and Amaranth Lunaria.

Husband: Endymion Terra

Children: Rose Lunaria

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